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Colleen Williams, Sykes Teacher, teacher training
  Colleen Williams   
Location: Ashfield
Phone: 0404 634 363
Teaching at grand piano, piano teacher and student, learning with Sykes Books, Sykes Music, teaching, lessons, music

Coleen Williams


What Sykes Piano Teacher Training have you completed?

Up to Grade 2


What year did you start teaching piano?



What year did you start teaching the Sykes Piano Program?



What piano exams have you completed?

AMEB Grade 7


What theory exams have you completed?

AMEB Grade 5


What music qualifications have you completed?

Studied Music as a TEE subject up to year 12


What music training or short courses have you completed?

Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conferences:

- 2013 (Toowoomba)

- 2015 (Melbourne)

WA Piano Pedagogy Conference 2014

Teaching Pop Piano by Tim Topham

Exploring Beethoven Sonatas by Curtis Institute of Music

Jazz Piano lessons

Drum lessons from Drumeo

Classical Piano lessons – ongoing

Attending pedagogy workshops - ongoing


How old where you when you began learning piano?



What other instruments do you play?

Clarinet, Djembe, Drum Kit



Have you played in a particular group or involved in a particular performance that you would like to mention?

Sung with Perth Undergraduate Choral Society and performed in a few concerts with them

Played clarinet in Nedlands Concert Band

Sung with Holy Trinity of Brompton Church Choir in London for a Christmas concert

Performed in a drum ensemble with SGI UK at Albert Hall in a musical production.

Played assorted percussion, timpani and piano with the Hills Symphony Orchestra

Accompanied the SGIA WA choir

Accompanied Brenda Lee Jazz at the Perth French Festival


What are your strengths as a piano teacher?

I am passionate about music and in particular piano as an instrument and have been since I was 5.  I am interested in a broad range of music genres and styles and am continually exploring repertoire and new ideas in teaching which I encounter through workshops and conferences so that I have more to offer students with each passing year.  Having more experiences and tools at my disposal means I can more easily adapt to the student’s learning style.

Ultimately I feel learning and teaching music is my life purpose and I aspire to awaken the music and love of music which is already inherent in each student. I care about my students and desire for them to achieve their potential.


What do you like about teaching piano?

I love seeing the smile on a student's face when they acquire new skills, build their confidence and are having a great time.  I feel privileged to be able to connect with students week to week and to be able to be their guide on their unique journey of self expression.


Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I enjoy playing in small ensembles and am keen for my students to experience playing in ensembles as well.

I encourage students to see live music performances and experience performing themselves in the two concerts I am part of organising each year.

I am also interested in music as healing modality.




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"I really enjoyed and found the course inspiring. it has given me a lot more confidence to teach and opened up a new career path, a whole new world, which I hadn't thought possible. My students are all enhoying the program and excited about being able to play in such a short time." 


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