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The Sykes Piano Program is a rapidly growing approach to learning music and there are a shortage of Sykes trained teachers. Once students learn with Sykes Music, they do not want to change to another program. We have requests for Sykes teachers in the US, UK and all over Australia.


The beautiful thing about the Sykes Piano method, is that it is everything that you need to teacher your students, all in the one program. You do not need to create your program from picking bits and pieces from many differnet sournces. You longer need to spend thousands of  dollars buying teaching resources nor do you need to spend hours looking for material and preparing for lessons. With the Sykes Piano Program everything is provided for you. Teachers do not need to try to figure out ‘what’ to teach their students, ‘when’ to teach things to their students, or ‘how’ to teach these things. Teachers do not need to worry that they are neglecting an area of their student’s learning. There is no experimental stage of "learning on the job", because once teachers are trained, they teach with knowledge and skills, efficiently and powerfully. Students are no longer guinea pigs for teachers to use to learn how to teach. There is no trial and error.  

With the Sykes Piano Program, a complete developmental program is at the disposal of piano teachers.

It can take students from being complete novices to advanced musicians and not only that, it is done very efficiently and the entire experience is enjoyable for everyone – the student, the teacher and everyone else involved. 


Sykes Music is not a franchised or licensed system. Sykes Music teachers do not pay a percentage of their lessons to Sykes Music. Also Sykes Music teachers receive all student referrals free of charge.


  1. You would like your students to progress quickly

  2. You would like your students to continue to a high level of playing

  3. You would like some students to pursue a career in music

  4. You would like your students to continue playing piano for the rest of their lives

  5. You would like to give your students a holistic music education

  6. You would like more students

  7. You want to part of a group of like-minded teachers

  8. You want ongoing support and advice to help with your teaching

  9. You would like to teach your students how to improvise

  10. You would like to teach your students how to learn music without sheet music

  11. You would like to teach your students how to arrange music

  12. You would like to teach your students how to compose

  13. You would like your students to be great sight readers

  14. You would like your students to love learning

  15. You would like your students to continue to learn with you for years

  16. You would like to not have to create a program of learning for your students

  17. You have not taught much piano before and would like to learn how to be a good teacher

  18. You would like to use a Program that includes sheet music, theory books, CDs, DVDs and online video and audio files

  19. You would like to improve the way that you teach piano

  20. You would like to teach your students a diverse range of fantastic music

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"When I was starting to teach music I wasn't quite sure where to start. The Sykes Program gave a really solid base. The thing that attracted me the most as a teacher was how enjoyable it seemed compared to the traditional classical method I learned from. It allows you to incorporate all different styles and the students become really well rounded."