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Sykes Music Testimonials


“I highly recommend Sykes Music - the programme works, the teachers are great and my children love going to music lessons there.”


“Thank you Julia Sykes. I love all the songs I learn. I loved the concert I played in. I was the first one to play in the concert. There is no better activity than Sykes Music.”


“Its an excellent program. You should be proud of what you have done and the good that you are doing for people.”


 “Our teacher is delightful and who has shown individual attention to our son. He loves coming to his piano lessons. Thank you Sykes Music for cultivating his love of music which will last a lifetime.”


 “I don’t have to ask my child to go and practise the piano.”   


“I can’t believe that I couldn’t play the piano a year ago and now look at where I am at! I couldn’t have done it without your program.”


 “It is such a better method than the way piano used to be taught.”             


  “My family & I would like to thank your school, especially Isabelle’s mentor, for helping Isabelle gain more confidence & musical sills in a fun & personal way. Her lessons made a positive difference to her personal & academic development.”


“The Sykes Music Program is a great way to learn and develop an appreciation of music. The program encompasses a wide variety of music taught in a fun and non-threatening environment.”


“Just wanted to let you know how much Miranda is enjoying lessons with you.  I'm so impressed at how much both girls have progressed under your program.  You should expand to the US!, Worldwide!!”


“I love the Sykes way of teaching music.”


“…your method is just fantastic. It has made boring, tedious piano exercises, fun. I really enjoy it”


“Julia is a delightful teacher who has shown individual attention to our son. He loves coming to his piano lessons. Thank you Julia for cultivating his love of music which will last a lifetime.”


“I wanted to thank the company for being so good for me over the past 3.5 years and providing such a steady stream of competent and engaging teachers. A big thanks to Ivana in particular who has been fantastic these past two years and has really engaged me as an adult student. In the past I had found it hard to be "taken seriously" as an adult student, as the presumption seemed to be that I just wanted to learn for fun. Both Ivana and Eileen in particular were really good at holding me to a high standard and not letting me off the hook easy. In my time at Sykes the first song I learned was The Snake Charmer - most recently with Ivana I finished up Mozart's Sonata in F Major, K.322, first movement (not without some sweat, mind!) - so I am rapt with the progress I have made at Sykes. I do hope to be back in 2015 and thanks again for the quality teaching.”


“I am really impressed with how the kids responded to the Sykes piano program”


“My son and I are really enjoying the program”


“I have been told your method is excellent.”



Teacher Testimonials


“Doing the Sykes Music teaching training course has been the best decision I have made as a music teacher”.


"I really enjoyed and found the course inspiring. It has given me a lot more confidence to teach and opened up a new career path, a whole new world, which I hadn't thought possible. My students are all enjoying the program and excited about being able to play in such a short time. Thank you Julia."


“Becoming a Sykes Piano Teacher and going through the Sykes Piano Program is one of the best decisions I have made; It is an investment towards my Musical and Personal growth.  Like any other investment, there are good times and bad times. However, going through the Sykes Piano Program under the mentoring and guidance of Julia has opened up doors and taught me so much with regards to Music Teaching.”


 “Julia's 'modern' approach towards Music Teaching is unique, easy and most importantly efficient. Try it you wont regret it !”

“Training as a Sykes music teacher has boosted my confidence and added much enjoyment to teaching music. Not only do students enjoy learning, I learn too!”


“It’s very rewarding to see the kids that I teach have fun during the lessons.  They progress quickly as well, which is important.  Normally it takes students a while to get to a certain level – with Sykes it only takes a term to reach a new level.  You cover lots of aspects of music and you’re not just stuck with pieces and scales.  It’s easier because all the work is there, its easier for the students to understand and for a teacher to teach.”


“When I was starting to teach music I wasn’t quite sure where to start.  The Sykes Program gave a really solid base.  The thing that attracted me the most as a teacher was how enjoyable it seemed compared to the traditional classical method I learned from.  It allows you to incorporate all different styles and the students become really well rounded.”


“It’s a really effective method to apply to younger students because they can start earlier and progress at a good rate which means they have more fun.  Having learnt through the Sykes program myself, I have experienced first hand the benefits of the program and have been able to carry that over into my teaching.”  


“I think you have really done a great job coming up with this way of learning for young children.”


”I just wanted to thank you for such an enjoyable teacher training.  So far my kids are really enjoying the new programme and really loving being more creative and I’m really loving the challenge of changing over to a new way of teaching and finally some new and exciting pieces.  Their new pieces are so lovely to listen to and they sound so impressive even though they are simple to play.  I’m looking forward to doing the remainder of the course when you do the next part of the training. Thanks again Julia.”


“Your support and interest of me and others that aspire to teaching piano, your enthusiasm for teaching and the many gifts you have been bestowed with are greatly admired and appreciated.”


“I’m still thoroughly enjoying teaching this method and I can see the kids are really making very fast progress and are becoming a lot more creative.  I love that!”


“I am so pleased to have made contact with you and to be involved with the Sykes Piano Program. It is thought provoking and stimulating and has opened up so many different avenues that I have only touched on briefly in my years of teaching. Thank you.” 

“Discovering Sykes Music was probably one of the best things that happened to me - and channelled me to the right direction in my career.”


“PS. I have just had nice feedback from one my parents that she's really happy with the Sykes approach as she said she has friends with kids doing the trad approach and she can see how plodding it is in comparison.”


Dear Julia ,
  Thank you very much for this fantastic program . Most of my students have been with me for a very long time due to this wonderful teaching method. The support from you as a mentor has been amazing and I couldn't be more happier with my teaching choice. Thanks for everything once again ! – Sykes Piano Teacher ,LTCL-( Classical piano), Bachelor of Music ( classical piano performance), Master of Teaching (Primary and Secondary - UWA) 


“I enjoyed this training very much and am finding it a wonderful way to learn.”


“About the (Sykes) books you sent me. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! There are many reasons why. At the moment I have just hurriedly scanned over them and when I get some time I will play them but I am used to looking at the standard pieces that you learn in the old school. So boring but  you have chosen such a variety of lovely pieces.  You have covered all the genres such as jazz, rock, blues, swing, classical, modern classical, baroque, modern etc. Every new song is like a breath of fresh air. It’s like having a meal, each course is so tasty.  Really it is difficult to chose a best piece because every piece has its own beauty and parts of interest.  I know that playing any of these songs to the student they will be running home to try and play them for themselves... You have certainly covered the ‘comprehensive’ aspect. I’m glad you had some duets in their as well.”


“There are so many benefits that I have achieved (completing Sykes Piano Teacher Training) it would be hard to number.  This information has been like putting on a pair of well fitting glasses after previously been squinting and trying to work out hazy outlines.  Most people have a hazy idea of what it is to be a good teacher but compared to the Sykes method it has comprehensively demonstrated to me more than that.  It has armed me with the information to question, to prepare, to demonstrate, to lead a student who is endeavouring to broaden his or her knowledge in music.”


“Teaching(Sykes Music)  is going great thanks! I'm really enjoying it and my students are too.”


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