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Read the profiles of teachers to find which teachers suit you best, then send an enquiry email or phone teachers to discuss lessons. All Sykes Piano teachers offer a trial lesson so that you can meet the teacher and try out the lessons before committing to regular lessons. If you need assistance, then contact sykes music at or 0427 80 4494

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Sykes Piano Teachers


All Sykes Piano Teachers are qualified musicians, then in addition are trained in teaching piano with the Sykes Piano approach. 

The training involves teachers learning the best way to teach every aspect of the Sykes Piano Program in the most effective and efficient way  - this includes every piece of music, technical exercise, improvisation, aural, arrangement and composition exercise and every music theory component. The training program also includes many other broader aspects of teaching music, such as inspiring students, preparing students for exams, how to teach 4 - 6 year olds, how to teach adults, and many, many more other aspects.

All Sykes Piano teachers are Sykes Piano teachers because they believe in creating musicians that are multi faceted, capable musicians.  We don't want to create parrots. We want to create musicians that are creative and have a passion for music and will thrive in any music situation that they find themselves - whether that is with an orchestra, in a band, in the recording studio or in their lounge room.

We want students to love music, progress well and have a successful, enjoyable learning experience.



 Emily Chappell