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Lessons can be arranged by contacting teachers directly via email or phone, however it is best if you also apply through an Application to Learn Form. These forms provide both you and us with some very important information, so please take a few minutes to fill it in.


If you have any quiries, or are unsure who to apply to, contact the head office 9771 8174 or for guidance - that's what we're here for!

  Julia Sykes   

Director and Piano Teacher


I began developing the Sykes Piano Program in 2003. I wanted to create a program where students developed a long lasting love of music, became well-rounded musicians, and also progressed as quickly as possible. 


Typically there are many differences between classical and contemporary musicians. They both have strengths and weaknesses. The Sykes Program takes the strengths of classical and contemporary musicians to form the basis of the Program. As a result Sykes students can read music well, play by ear, arrange and compose music, improvise, have a good understanding of all kinds of music and music theory. 


Just love music!



 Emily Chappell