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Sykes Little Maestro & Level 1

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In the Sykes Little Maestro & Level 1 teacher training, you will learn the foundational essentials to set your students up for success. Many tips are offered in not only teaching the young ones, but all beginners.

In the previous training, Introduction to Sykes Music and Teaching Piano it was all about the general philosophy of teaching, what Sykes Piano is all about and general ideas on being a great teacher. This training starts to go into the pieces and exercises that are in the program and shows you the 4 aspects of these pieces and exercises, that is:

1. The pedagogical purpose

2. How to teach

3. Typical difficulties that students will have an strategies to help students overcome these difficulties

4. Extra notes about the piece or exercise

In closing, the the training covers some specific aspects in teaching adults the Level 1 program, lesson plans and teaching order.




*NOTE: You must fulfil the prerequisites to enrol in this course

2 practical assignments

Individual assessment by your trainer on what you have learned. The information is divided into two assessments, allowing for easier review and preparation

Key Features

90 day access

90 day access to the training material and an 88 day period for completing assignments and assessments. More details are given in the outline of this course upon enrolment

300+ minutes tutorial videos &
120 minutes piano lessons

Over five hours of videos based on the training manual. In addition, 7 piano lessons, featuring over 120 minutes, to watch and learn from. These are a part of your assignments and you will need to answer questions based on these videos


How much time do I need?

Students typically spend between 20 to 30 hours on this course. During live training, teacher trainees have spent 2 days training. However, this did not include practice time and assignments/assessments. The assignments are based on the teacher manuals and teacher training videos. You will be assessed on what you have learnt from the manual and videos through a video call with your trainer. We will advise you what to review and how to prepare for these practical assessments.

3 month free access to Sykes Teacher Membership, INTRO Level
Access to a community of like-minded piano teachers
Feedback and support from your trainer
15% off Sykes books
A personalised report
Certificate of Completion

Meet your trainer

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Julia Sykes is a very successful and in high demand piano teacher and piano teacher trainer. She began teaching piano when she was 14, has a degree in music education, has taught 100’s of students and trained many piano teachers. She has published multiple Sykes Piano books, Teacher Manuals, and created recordings and videos. Many of her students have been successful in exams, music competitions and become musicians that worked in the music industry, or have just developed a love of playing piano that stays with them throughout their lives. She has a knack of helping piano teachers reach their full potential, leading teachers in a way that helps them to create confident students and deliver excellent quality piano lessons. She provides teachers with a well stocked tool box full of ideas to use to help them teacher pieces and exercises and to help overcome their student’s difficulties. She is very supportive of teachers, provides invaluable feedback for them and helps teachers become well rounded musicians so that they can become well rounded teachers. 

Course curriculum

The Sykes Piano Little Maestro & Level 1 course is set out in 6 parts. Chapters 1, 2, 4 and 6 are based on the Little Maestro & Level 1 Teacher's Manual. You will receive directions at the beginning of each chapter, directing you what to do and what information must be covered in that section. See the chapter topics alongside: 

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Sykes Little Maestro Program and Level 1

Chapter 2. How to Teach the Pieces and Exercises in the Sykes Little Maestro and
                   Level 1 Programs

Chapter 3. Assignment 2

Chapter 4. Little Maestro Music Reading Exercises

Chapter 5. Assignment 4

Chapter 6. Second Assessment & Downloadable Tests

Course prerequisites

The Sykes Piano Little Maestro & Level 1 course has three prerequisites:

1. Sykes Teacher Training Module 1 'Introduction to Sykes Music & Teaching Piano'

2. Grade 3 Piano

3. Grade 1 Theory


How it works

1.  Check Eligibility - click the button above to contact us regarding your eligibility, attach your resume and relevant qualifications
2.  Enrol & Pay - create a Sykes Music account (you will be prompted to sign up when you enrol in the course) and pay
3.  Receive Access - you will be emailed (using the email used to create your Sykes Music account) an invitation which will take you to the course
4.  Start Course - you will have 90 days access to complete this course. This period begins when you are emailed the link to the course 
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*WARNING: Ensure you have fulfilled the prerequisites before enrolling in this course.
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