Learn to play piano and read music in a weekend


Some people laugh when they hear this, they think that we are exaggerating, but we have run this course many times and have proved again and again that this is possible with the Sykes Piano Program. Students can play between 10-12 pieces and read all of the notes on the piano by the end of the weekend. 


Sykes Music has developed a way of learning how to read music that is easier and more efficient than the traditional way. 

  This two day workshop is comprised of group piano lessons on a piano and individual practice sessions on keyboards with headphones, where students can practise with the luxury of not having anyone listening to them (something that students appreciate a lot). While the students are practicing, the Sykes Music teacher(s) go around and spend time with students and provide one-on-one guidance. There are also sessions devoted to learning how to read music and some other activities. There is a minimum of one teacher per 8 students and a maximum of 16 participants.


The Learn to Play Piano and Read Music in a Weekend workshop is ideal for you if you: 

  • are busy and do not have time for regular piano lessons

  • are a beginner and would like a springboard into piano playing

  • are keen to learn to read music

  • want to learn some keyboard/piano skills

  • want to reacquaint yourself with the piano after a long hiatus

  • want to find out what it is like playing the piano

  • want to have an interesting weekend that you will never forget!


Upcoming Workshop


Times: 9:30am to 4:00pm 


Cost:  $375 (including 2 music books, a CD, lunches and morning and afternoon teas)



Please note that the enrolment closing date is  

Currently there are spaces available. 

To enrol, simply fill in and submit the enrolment form. 


All of the piano teachers involved in this workshop are qualified, specially trained, Sykes Music teachers. Please note that this workshop is designed for those with little or no experience playing the piano and/or reading music and for students that are a minimum of 13 years of age.  

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“More than what I thought I could learn about music and the piano in 2 days.”


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