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The Sykes Piano Levels 1-4 Practical Book accompanies the Sykes Piano Levels 1-4 Theory Book.


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Sykes Piano Levels 1-4 Practical Digital

  • The Sykes Piano Program Levels 1 – 4 Practical Book is a terrific book for students to use to learn to play the piano. It is fun, interesting, and students progress quickly. This is the first book that all beginning Sykes piano students will use when starting to learn the piano. The book is divided into the 4 Levels. Each Level has pictures and explanations of pieces of music and exercises that students learn in the program without reading music. It contains all of the sheet music of these pieces and the pieces that the students learn through reading music. There are practice strategies suggested, musical terms explained and notes about the pieces of music. It also includes all of the arrangement, technical, improvisation, singing and aural exercises for these 4 Levels.

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