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The Sykes Music Repertoire Book encourages students to maintain their repertoire. 

Number of pages: 34

Repertoire Book

  • This beautifully presented book has a cover made of black leather craft with silver foil print. This is a book which Sykes students are very proud of. It is a record of their achievements. The first section of this book is called the ‘Beginner’ section. Students write their pieces and exercises into this section of the book, once the piece or exercise has been ticked 20 times, the student receives a special music sticker and the piece is then transferred into the ‘Intermediate’ section of the book. Once it has been ticked 20 times here, the student again receives a special music sticker and transfers the piece into the ‘Graduation’ section of the book. Once again, when the piece has 20 ticks, the student receives another special sticker and the piece is written onto the Repertoire List at the back of the book.

    The main purpose of this book is that it encourages students to keep playing their pieces until they develop a good mastery of them. By performing the piece or exercises 60 times, they should have gained a very good level of performance. It rewards students for their practice and motivates them to play more. Adult students can also use the book – they usually don’t care for stickers though!
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