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Sykes Little Maestro Digital

  • The Sykes Little Maestro Book is an excellent book for teaching young children how to play the piano. The book has been designed specifically for the unique needs and learning style of children in this age group. By the completion of this book, children are well on their way to becoming great piano players. This book includes all of the pieces, exercises and theoretical knowledge that make up the Sykes Little Maestro Program. The book contains explanations of how to play the pieces for parents that can not read music. It also contains all of the sheet music for the pieces and exercises in the Sykes Little Maestro Program. Also sometimes the students will learn pieces from this book through reading finger numbers or reading the music. The book has aural exercises, musical games and improvisation exercises for very young children. It also includes early exercises in music reading and writing designed especially for very young children – this process develops quite slowly and the written exercises are on large staves. It also includes a Suggested Teaching Order for teachers.

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