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  Kirsten Symczycz   
Location: Home lessons, North Perth
Phone: 0437 746 146

Kirsten Symczycz


What Sykes Piano Teacher Training have you completed?

In the process of completing Levels 1-4


What year did you start teaching piano?



What year did you start teaching the Sykes Piano Program?

May 2016


What music qualifications have you completed?

Currently completing Diploma of Jazz at WAAPA


What music training or short courses have you completed?

Private piano lessons, Sykes Piano Lessons


How old where you when you began learning piano?



What other instruments do you play?

Currently learning to play drums


What are your strengths as a piano teacher?

Patient, empathetic, organised


What do you like about teaching piano?

I enjoy helping students to achieve their goals of playing piano and to be inspired by music.

What are your strengths as a piano teacher?


Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I am interested in all kinds of music, especially Jazz, improvised music and alternative.

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"Training as a Sykes Music teacher has boosted my confidence and added much enjoyment to teaching music. Not only do students enjoy learning, I learn too!"