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Composing Music
Girl Playing Beginner Piano

  Sykes Music  

 a great way to learn to play the piano 

Sykes Music is a great way to learn to play the piano.

Students progress quickly, love playing the piano and become great musicians.


The Program is full of great pieces in all styles. Students learn to read music, play by ear, improvise, compose, arrange and even sing!


Everything that you need to know about playing piano or teaching piano is in the one place.

Learn piano through Sykes Music if you want to make excellent progress,

have a great time and become a terrific musician.


Because Sykes Music  produces great musicians.  It is a creative and enjoyable and holistic experience.


Students progress quickly. The Sykes Piano Program has been carefully designed to help students progress as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort. You can make great progress with just 15 minutes a day.


All Sykes Music teachers are qualified musicians and trained Sykes Music teachers.


The Sykes Piano Program includes a vast range of wonderful music. If it’s not a great piece of music, then it’s not in the Program!


With the Sykes Piano Program you learn to read music, play by ear, the theory of music, compose, improvise, arrange music, sing, ear training and develop good technique.

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“I highly recommend Sykes Music - the program works, the teachers are great and my children love going to music lessons there.” 

“The program encompasses a wide variety of music taught in a fun and non-threatening environment.”    


“It is a much better method than the way piano used to be taught.”

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